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The Maison Loiseau Aycardi offers a on-demand service to all its customers. Gems from your family or chosen among its own collection, the Maison Loiseau Aycardi will study your jewellery projects and will perform a virtual representation very close to the final result, with drawings, 3D models and gems on wax to allow you define your choices. Your old jewel can be transformed, the gems reused to the realization of new models, the family object rebecoming a pleasant jewel to wear.

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi performs a rigourous quality control in the selection of gems, the design of the jewel and the handcraft of the jewel.

You will be able to make with our support a unique jewel in order to celebrate a story or an avent, to sublimate a gem.

Birth jewel, engagement ring, wedding anniversary are all opportunities to celebrate a happy event through a unique creation.

We advise you to make an appointment in our boutique to study together a custom design. See how to contact us.



Since almots two centuries, the Maison Loiseau Aycardi attaches particular importance to the creation of an engagement ring, a unique moment in the history of a life.

The magic begins at the design stage, within our boutique located at 185, Boulevard Saint Germain. You will be able to share your project, your wishesin terms of design, gem and budget. We will offer you a unique jewel by explaining the subtlety of the gems, the best crimpring to sublimate them, the best associations of entourage and metal.

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi selects with the utmost care the gems that will make each engagement ring a unique jewel. At each stage of its realization, the ring is subject to a thorough quality control in the development, execution and finishing of the frames.

See how to contact us for an engagement ring creation project.



The Maison Loiseau Aycardi performs, at the various stages of the realization, a high quality monitoring and control in the selection of the gems, the development, the execution and the finishing of the jewels.

Our concern for perfection is present at all stages, from design to fiinal delivery of the jewel.