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The Maison Loiseau Aycardi is at your disposal to study your custom jewellery creation projects, and to share its know-how in gemmology and in the design of a jewel, the best ways and associations to sublimate the gems. These advices will allow you to have a good understanding of how the jewellery is designed and the subtleties of the stones you have chosen.

We will be able to search for gems according to your specificities in terms of size, origin, color.

We recommend personalized appointments for this type of need. See how to contact us to make an appointment.


Our jewels are designed to be worn on a daily basis, but as they are precious objects, you must reserve them gestures of care to avoid shocks, preserve their beauty and their splendour in time.

Daily use and outdoor agents such as the atmosphere, cosmetics, moisture and sweat that come in contact with jewels can help reduce their brightness both on gold surfaces and gems and brilliants.

For jewels in white gold, after a period of intense use, a rhodium can be made easily to give back to your jewel all its brightness.

As for natural stones, they do not require special treatment, but with intrinsic delicacy, especially beryls, they need to be sufficiently cared to avoid, on the one hand, the shocks that can scratch or break them and, on the other hand, contact with external agents that can attack them (cosmetics, detergents,…).


For the size of the jewellery we have made – and for after-sales interventions in general – it is advisable to contact the workshops of the Maison Loiseau Aycardi who, knowing the details of construction, can intervene without compromising The jewel.

If your ring is a gift from the Maison Loiseau Aycardi and your size was not known at the time of purchase, or if you didn’t choose the correct size for your ring, the Maison Loiseau Aycardi will offer you the first resize, if the resize is simple and technically possible without reshaping the jewel.

The other upgrades will be charged, so we advise you to order the right size at the first shot. We can advise you on this topic.


With its know-how in jewellery, the Maison Aycardi will be able to assure thanks to its Parisian workshop the restoration of your jewel at the best price. You can go to our boutique located in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés to entrust it to us. You can also contact us to discuss your need or make an appointment.

We will look at the necessary reclamation work and give you a quotation.

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi realizes these repairs with the same level of demand and quality as for its creations jewelry.

For after-sales intervention of jewellery from the Maison Loiseau Aycardi, it is recommended to contact our workshops which, knowing the details of construction, can intervene without compromising the jewel.