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The Maison Loiseau Aycardi makes you benefit from its knowledge in gemmology, its know-how for the selection of diamonds, color gems and pearls as well as its long experience in the work of noble metals.


The Maison Loiseau Aycardi performs, at the various stages of the realization, a high quality monitoring and control in the selection of the gems, the development, the execution and the finishing of the jewels.

His concern for perfection is present at all stages, from conception to final delivery of the jewel.

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The three Gold metals

Gold is a symbol of light and durability. It is unalterable and stainless to air, water regardless of its temperature and acids.

Gold used in jewellery is never pure gold. It is a mix of fine gold (called “24 carat gold”) too soft to be worked, and other metals such as silver and copper that will harden the alloy.

Gold has a controlled title that is expressed either in carats or in fractions compared to our decimal system at 1000/1000th. Pure gold without alloy is 24 carats. 

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi only uses 18-carat gold or 750/1000th. A guarantee stamp is affixed to all our gold jewellery attesting to the title of 18 carats, it has the shape of an eagle’s head.

Yellow gold is made up of 75% fine 24-carat gold and 25% silver and copper. Its color is close to pure gold, a deep yellow and glowing, and the presence of other metals in its alloy makes it harder, and therefore more suited to the work of crimping stones.

18-carat pink gold is an alloy made up of 75% fine 24-carat gold, and 25% silver and copper with a greater proportion of copper than yellow gold (19%), in order to obtain the beautiful rosy hue. It brings a rare touch of femininity to jewellery.

18k white gold is an alloy made of 75% fine 24-carat gold, and 25% palladium and silver, and coated with a thin layer of rhodium, which gives the white gold a unique radiance, brightness and brilliance.


The Platinium

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi only uses the platinum 950/1000th, almost in pure state with 95% platinum in the alloy. A guarantee stamp is affixed to all our platinum jewellery attesting to the title of 950/1000th, it is shaped as a dog’s head.



The Maison Loiseau Aycardi selects only the most noble diamonds, and proposes through its collections different shapes : shining round, princess, marquise, cushion, pear, oval and emerald, all studied to sublimate the gem.

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi chooses its diamonds according to a universal certification standard developed by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), in the greater selectivity of the GIA criteria called 4c: “Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight”.

Meticulous control is carried out on each stone by our specialists, and each of the Diamonds of the Maison Loiseau Aycardi with a weight greater than 0.40 carat has a certificate from an independent laboratory.


The Maison Loiseau Aycardi selects with the utmost care the gems which will be set on its jewelry creations.

We work with all types of stones: sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tanzanites, tourmalines, spinels, amethysts, tsavorites, citrines, garnets, peridots,….

We offer different shapes of size (round, cushion, pear, heart, cabochon, etc…), dimensions and intensities according to your tastes and your budgets, while respecting the quality criteria of the largest laboratories in terms of brightness, size and color.

Meticulous control of each gem is carried out by our specialists during the selection for our jewelry creations or for the creations that we realize under the request of our customers.




Since almost two centuries ago, the Maison Loiseau Aycardi realizes jewelry creations with pearls.

The Maison Loiseau Aycardi has developed an important know-how in the selection of pearls and their association with jewelry pieces that will sublimate them.

We will be able to offer you Pearls of the South Seas, Tahiti Pearls and Akoya Pearls, with different sizes and colors. We will make a selection of the most beautiful pearls in terms of luster, shape, thickness of nacre, and homogeneity of the pearls in a necklace.

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